The Mad Scientist - 1941
The Mad Scientist threatens to use his Electrothanasia-Ray to cause "total destruction" to the people who had laughed at him. Lois Lane flies an airplane to his mountaintop lab, but The Scientist has her captured before she knows it. He makes her watch on a TV screen as his ray destroys a famous bridge. Next, he tries to use the ray to topple over the Daily Planet, but Clark Kent transforms into Superman just in time...
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The Mechanical Monsters 1941
An inventor has built extremely powerful giant robots that can fly like planes and can rob banks with ease.  Lois Lane soon gets captured by a robot; can Superman save her from the inventor's hideout?
The Arctic Giant 1942
An expedition unearths a frozen Tyrannosaurus in the Siberian tundra and ships it back to the USA. Eventually it thaws and causes . Can Superman handle it?
Eleventh Hour 1942
Superman is responsible for a few acts of sabotage at the Yokohama Navy Yard in Japan. Lois Lane is held hostage but Superman rescue her at the last minute.  Animated by William Bowsky and William Henning.
Billion Dollar Limited 1942
An enormous gold shipment, on the way to the Federal mint, is hijacked by heavily armed robbers, and Lois Lane is trapped in the runaway locomotive. This looks like a job for Superman...
Japoteurs 1942
An American aviation company builds a gigantic new bomber and Lois Lane stows away on the test flight; little does she known, Japanese spies are also hidden aboard, ready to hijack the bomber. Superman must come to the rescue.